GVO - Optic

A company specialized in manufacturing and distribution worldwide

In GVO-Optic we are a specialist in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of optical products designed to improve visual health since 1987. Our ability to generate business lines of proven profitability in any global market has based our international reputation as generators of growth of the Optical business through a differentiation specialization that sharpens the competitiveness of our customers.

A solid, dynamic, flexible company ... At GVO-Optic we adapt to change. Innovation is one of our main goals. Several international patents guarantee our ability to innovate in a mature sector such as optics / ophthalmology and visual health. A committed and highly professional human team based on values of sustainability, economic growth, ecological balance and social progress. Our experience and international leadership guarantee the search for continuous improvement at the service of our clients.


Through the VERSPORT and AQUAVISTA brands, we offer our customers specialized business lines in various sports sectors. Differentiation, specialization, technicality and visual solution are the four pillars on which our products are based. The VERSPORT Manufacturing and Assembly Laboratory specializes in the adaptation of ophthalmic lenses for sports spectacles.


Versatile is one of the adjectives that best defines the new DOSUNO collection. Created to cover the demand of an urban user who expresses himself in a different way, with hobbies and hobbies related to physical activity that he practices during his moments of leisure and free time. Men and women with an active lifestyle who do not want to give up innovative and technically superior products.


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Reference: NAO50020SC

Clip Solar magnético. Lentes: Polarizados Blue Block™ (B.B.) Espejados RVO...


Reference: NAO572046SC

Clip Solar magnético. Lentes: Polarizados Blue Block™ (B.B.) Espejados RVO...